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Leaders in multi-directional alerts and messaging

Our team: ECDS leads the field

Our team at ECDS is led by experienced entrepreneurs and innovators in the field of Enhanced Communications and includes recipients of the DMTS during their careers at Bell Labs. They have built ECDS and its core Enterprise Notification Platform by applying:

  • A deep knowledge of the building and implementing of connectors and adapters for numerous applications, data sources, and transport systems
  • Extensive experience in delivering and receiving to and from any device or system
  • Formidable knowledge in mapping policies and procedures to an automated cascading notification trail with audit capabilities
  • Exceptional ability to communications-enable any application or technology with multi-directional alerts, messages, and notifications

Our commitment is to work with our customers and partners to provide the premier Enhanced Communications solutions.

John Racioppi

President & CEO

John Racioppi joined ECDS in December of 2008 after serving in a number of executive management roles in the software industry. His focus will be on expanding and developing the potential for the ecENACT messaging platform. Mr. Racioppi recently served as General Manager, Data Leak Prevention Group, at Trend Micro as well as vice president, Enterprise Business Unit. Mr. Racioppi helped develop Trend’s strategy in DLP and served on the team that acquired Provilla, Inc. While at Trend he led the project team focused on long-term strategy and direction. John has held the position of Executive Vice President, Sales for Infravio, Executive Vice President of Sales & Field Operations for RogueWave Software, GM and VP North America for Borland Software, VP Sales at DASCOM (acquired by IBM's) and OEM Channel Manager at Transarc Corporation (acquired by IBM). Mr. Racioppi has successfully grown both start-up and publicly traded companies and his efforts have resulted in the acquisition of four different companies. John has an MBA and BA - Economics from the University of Pittsburgh.

John Melka

Chief Architect

John Melka joined ECDS in August of 2009 and brings an existing track record of vision realization through the strategic and tactical implementation of technology by robust and "industrial strength" architectures. His focus will be on productization and expansion of existing message delivery systems through technical innovation, and properly measured adaptation of new and existing implementation technologies. John was a consulting manager for Dunn Solutions group, a leader in both technical education and assisting companies in the creation and deployment of complex systems on various platforms. In his role at Logic Library, LLC, he was one half of the professional services team rounding out his technical prowess by understanding the business aspects of both the product and the customer's implementation needs. While at Bank of America, he was the chief architect on one of the first automated foreign exchange platforms, FX, to replace open outcry currency exchange with higher efficiency automated systems to manage both transactional and positional foreign currency within the Bank's on and offshore trading groups. John has directed distributed systems with distributed technology groups spanning the UK and the US. John holds a BA in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin with specialization in Astrophysics. Adding to this, John has completed the technical portion of a MS at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Artificial Intelligence with application to Military Electronic Warfare systems.

Mike Gionfriddo


Mike Gionfriddo joined ECDS in April of 2009 and brings a track record of success in realizing vision through strategy, world class architecture and implementation. His focus will be on driving the technology vision and opening ecENACT to allow seamless integration with Web 2.0 and mobile applications, while continuing to enhance our core messaging platform. Mr. Gionfriddo recently served as CTO for Sun Microsystems rich Internet application platform, JavaFX. While at Sun, he also served as Chief Architect for the Java CAPS and Sun Connection Network product lines. Mr. Gionfriddo was awarded the Distinguished Engineer title in 2006. Mike has held the position of Technical Director at Rogue Wave Software, CTO at EdeNet Communications, and Director of Technology at Lutris Technologies. Mr. Gionfriddo was also one of the early innovators on the Java platform, pioneering some of the early server and management components. An accomplished speaker and author, Mike has been published over 30 times and he holds 19 patents. Mike has BS in Mathematics with Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University.