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ecenact products for mobile marketing


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
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pdf Download the ecENACT product datasheet
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ecENACT multi-channel marketing solutions let you precisely target mobile, connected customers

As consumers adopt an increasingly mobile and connected lifestyle, savvy marketers are choosing new advertising channels such as text messaging, Twitter and Facebook to reach their audience using the communication mode of the customers’ choice. The impact of multi-channel marketing that targets on-the-go consumers is immediate: they get the message, and they respond.

ecENACT gives you the full power to create and manage campaigns that integrate SMS texting, MMS, email, text-to-voice, and soon social media communication modes such as Twitter and Facebook to deliver advertising and marketing messages that can reach a broad audience with pinpoint accuracy. ecENACT lets you increase customer interaction, drive higher response rates and achieve a higher ROI on your campaigns.

  • Use any mobile marketing channel — or any mix — to achieve maximum reach
  • Tailor messages automatically to precisely target customers and segments
  • Create true customer interaction and enhance viral marketing
  • Deliver simple text or rich media messages including coupons
  • Achieve high ROI
  • Cost effrective, 100% “in the cloud” solution — no software to buy, install or manage

Read one of our free whitepapers to learn more

ecENACT solution scenarios


A regional sporting goods chain increases customer interaction and grows their membership base through a viral ‘forward to a friend’ campaign that integrates all marketing channels.


A radio station increases audience participation for a weekly “free download” campaign by combining texting, email and social media communication channels.


A consumer products manufacturer enhances customer satisfaction by following-up to inquiries with information and coupons delivered directly to the consumer’s mobile device.