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alaert and notify with essential information


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
pdf Download the Unified Messaging in Emergency and Business Operations white paper
pdf Download the ecENACT Alert product datasheet
pdf Download the ecENACT product datasheet
pdf Download the ECDS corporate brochure

ecENACT Alert speeds the delivery of essential information to any target audience

Responding to a public safety incident, restoring a failed system and notifying a customer about the status of her order all have something in common: the timely delivery of essential information according to a defined business process and using diverse communication modes such as SMS text messaging, email and voice to reach a targeted audience.

ecENACT Alert seamlessly interfaces with any system, application or business process to receive alerts that may be manually or automatically generated and delivers notification messages to the appropriate target audience. ecENACT Alert can be configured to escalate notifications through alternate communications modes and recipients until receipt and action are acknowledged.

Communicate immediately. ecENACT responds to alerts generated manually, automatically according to a schedule or generated by an application or business process management system. So, whenever you need to communicate immediately with an individual, a targeted group or a broad audience, ecENACT delivers.

Create interaction. ecENACT has a unique bi–directional interaction capability that lets you create business processes where recipients can instantly respond to messages regardless of receiving device, improving information sharing, collaboration and decision-making.

Improve interoperability. Because it is standards-based, ecENACT simplifies the integration and interoperability of applications and business process management systems to create a communication system that is seamlessly responsive to your business needs.

ecENACT Alert is built on ECDS's unique, proven Enterprise Notification Platform. ecENACT is engineered to leverage the notification platform and is layered with Enhanced Communication capabilities and a powerful standards-based message bus that can connect to any system, application or business process and deliver messages through any mode of communication (SMS text, email, voice, fax, etc.) to any computer, phone or device. ecENACT is fast, reliable, customizable, and it can be installed locally or as a service integrated within an application or as part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

ecENACT enables connection to virtually any information system, application, process or service and delivers message-based information through all modes of communication, including SMS, email, voice, pager and fax, and to any phone, device or computer.

ecENACT has a unique multi-directional communication capability that enables recipients to immediately respond to or forward messages, and allows senders to track responses for appropriate action.

Intelligent delivery
Message delivery simply requires ecENACT to know your directory services, your targeted audiences and their preferred contact mode. ecENACT can be optionally configured to escalate communication modes or to connect with additional recipients according to rules you define until message delivery is acknowledged.

Enhanced Communications features of ecENACT

  • Respond to alerts generated manually, automatically according to a schedule or generated by an application
  • Deliver notifications and messages through all mobile communications channels: SMS, MMS, email, text to voice
  • Messages delivered to any device, phone or PC
  • Supports plain text or rich content/media message formats
  • Customizes messages on-the-fly for individuals or groups
  • Tracks recipient responses; can be configured to escalate if no response
  • Easily integrates with existing systems, applications and business processes
  • Available as a SaaS solution: no software to buy, install or manage