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ecenact solutions for automated systems


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
View the ecENACT products overview page
pdf Download the ecENACT Automation datasheet
pdf Download the ecENACT product datasheet
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Enhancing communication in automated systems

Automation plays a vital role in nearly every facet of modern industry, making operations more efficient and cost effective. Enhancing communication and information flow is essential to achieving high throughput and increasing ROI in automation networks. However, most networks rely on out-of-date point-to-point communication that do not take advatage of all the advances that have been made in communications technologies. As a result, information flows more slowly and operations are less efficient than they can be. ecENACT lets automated systems operators easily and seamlessly add powerful, up-to-date communications capabilities to their existing systems.

ecENACT is an Enhanced Communication solution that seamlessly interfaces with any automated machine or device, programmable logic controller (PLC), application or business process management system (BPM). Unlike communication in conventional automation networks, ecENACT enables alerts and messages to be generated by any device or system in the network and to be delivered immediately to any individual, group or application. ecENACT can be configured to escalate notifications through alternate communications modes and recipients until receipt and action are acknowledged.

ecENACT speeds the flow of information in automation networks

ecENACT is built on ECDS’s powerful Enterprise Notification Platform. ecENACT is layered with Enhanced Communication capabilities and a standards-based message bus that connects to any device, system, application or business process and delivers messages through any communication mode (SMS text, email, voice, fax, etc.) to any computer, phone or device. ecENACT can be installed locally or as a service integrated within an application or as part of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

  • Speed information flow.  ecENACT enables immediate, interactive communication from devices and controllers to any individual, group or system. By making information flow seamlessly in automation networks, production throughput is maximized. In addition, ecENACT can integrate data from multiple feeds, for example HVAC, telecom, power PLCs, to provide comprehensive information to all personnel and systems.
  • Increase operational efficiency.  Keeping specialized equipment on-line and operating at peak performance requires timely maintenance and repair. Whenever a status change occurs, ecENACT enables any device or system in the network to generate an alert that is immediately delivered to operations and maintenance personnel, making sure that the most qualified available personnel are assigned to take appropriate action.
  • Achieve higher ROI.  ecENACT eliminates communications inefficiencies, letting you standardize on a consistent, powerful communication architecture that improves information availability, reduces downtime and periods of sub-optimal operation, generates greater production throughput and achieves higher ROI.

ecENACT solution scenarios


In a robotic assembly line, when production outages and other urgent maintenance events occur, messages from affected machines are automatically generated and escalated to available maintenance personnel as necessary to achieve prompt resolution of the issue.


An oil field operator with distributed wellhead and pump facilities monitors equipment for production rates and operational status. When a pump fails or reduces throughput, it issues an automated message that is transmitted by SMS text message, email, fax and voice as necessary to insure that operations and maintenance personnel are aware of the issue and are responding.


A wind farm operator collects performance and status measurements from wind turbine units, which are transmitted to its control center in another state. Critical production or maintenance events are automatically escalated to field service personnel by SMS text messages, email and text to voice. This system allows the operator to reduce costs through remote management of wind farms in several locations from one control center, while insuring quick response by local service personnel to fix maintenance faults