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ecenact solutions for healthcare


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
View the ecENACT products overview page
pdf Download the Unified Messaging in Emergency and Business Operations white paper
pdf Download the Dynamic Information Exchange in Public Health White Paper
pdf Download the ecENACT health care datasheet
pdf Download the ecENACT Alerts and Notifications product datasheet
pdf Download the ecENACT product datasheet
pdf Download the ECDS corporate brochure

ecENACT solutions for health care providers

Enhanced Communication solutions from ECDS enable health care systems, staff and administrators to more effectively communicate, in less time and using fewer resources. Our health care communications solution increases productivity, operational effectiveness and overall satisfaction by providing intelligent, bi-directional connections between your systems and targeted audiences.

ecENACT is an Enhanced Communications solution that seamlessly integrates the latest communication technologies into your healthcare business and patient care systems and processes. ecENACT replaces out-dated call trees, automates hospital policies and drill code procedures and manages critical information flow through bi-directional message delivery. ecENACT delivers messages over email, text, by phone (text to voice) and by fax to targeted groups, lists, business roles and individuals promoting immediate responsive action.

  • Reduces healthcare risks and loss of life
  • Improves process and collaboration among staff, administrators, affiliates and volunteers
  • Maximizes information flow and sharing
  • Enables interoperability across diverse health care system, applications and processes
  • Improves event tracking and audit trails
  • Integrates with health care systems: electronic records management, patient management, emergency operations center, bed tracking, inventory, GIS and administrative IT systems

ecENACT solution scenarios


ecENACT processes alerts and notifications related to possible flu strain and other infectious disease outbreaks for a regional medical research facility, enabling faster information flow to area health care providers and better response and coordination among hospitals and public health organizations.


An inner-city hospital uses ecENACT to deliver alerts and notifications to coordinate response to hospital emergency code events, notifying medical, administrative, security and support staff as indicated by the emergency code procedures including notification and coordination with local law enforcement agencies.


An HMO network uses ecENACT to improve electronic records management and patient management systems interoperability, speeding the availability and accuracy of patient care information across the network and with affiliated physicians.