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ecenact solutions for developers and oems


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
View the ecENACT products overview page
pdf Download the Partners Through Integration: an Open Messaging Communications Platform white paper
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ecENACT solutions for OEMs, systems integrators & enterprise developers

Instant communications is an essential component of modern business processes. Developing, deploying and maintaining the necessary communications capabilities is a vital and difficult requirement for application developers.

ecENACT is the ideal platform on which to develop and integrate the latest enhanced communications capabilities. Built on SOA standards and modularized as a middleware toolkit to fit into any enterprise architecture through a web services API, ecENACT streamlines the process of extending your software applications to include the latest communications capabilities.

  • Enable the widest range of communications modes (SMS text, email, voice, etc.) and devices (smartphones, PDAs, PCs, etc.)
  • Build and support business processes that span multiple systems and applications
  • Make communicating with employees, partners and customers more than just delivering email notices: enable interaction through multi-directional messaging among employees, partners and even among customers — and, using the communications mode they choose
  • Deliver enhanced communications capabilities quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to meet the demands of your customers and to stay ahead of the competition -- all despite staff and budget constraints

ecENACT solution scenarios


A global Customer Relationship Management vendor provides an integrated marketing campaign management capability that enables users to communicate marketing materials via email. Their prior CRM offering supported only one-way email and their users needed to create interactive communications with their customers using a variety of communications modes including integrated SMS, email and text to voice. In addition, their prior CRM offering had limited message (email) throughput, requiring significant time to execute large campaigns. ECDS integrates ecENACT with multi-mode and multi-directional messaging with their CRM campaign management module to allow their users to send thousands of messages simultaneously either via email, SMS or text to voice.


A major Business Process Management vendor integrates ecENACT with their BPM toolkit. The combination of powerful, flexible business process tools together with interactive, multi-mode communications enables their customers to solve process automation and operations improvement challenges that require communications with and among mobile and remote users.


Systems Integrators and enterprise developers add powerful Enhanced Communications capabilities to their applications using the simple, consistent APIs provided by ecENACT. This allows developers to focus on their own application logic without worrying about the communications processing logic which is handled by ecENACT. Since ecENACT has integrated gateway solutions for virtually every major protocol, developers can simply and easily implement virtually any communications capability. In some cases, developers extend the functionality of legacy applications by providing new bi-directional communications capabilities without time-consuming re-implementation of core applications.