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ecenact products for mobile marketing


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
View the ecENACT solutions for marketing page
pdf Download the ecENACT for Marketing datasheet
pdf Download the ecENACT product datasheet
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Interactive multi-channel marketing: reach, response, ROI

ecENACT Market uses the latest communications technologies to let you send any volume of messages using virtually any mobile marketing channel (SMS texting, MMS, email, text-to-voice, and soon social media communication modes such as Twitter and Facebook) to any target audience.

ecENACT Market is built on our unique, proven Enterprise Notification Platform. ecENACT is engineered to leverage the notification platform and is layered with Enhanced Communication capabilities and a powerful standards-based message bus connecting legacy systems and delivering messages via any communication mode and to any computer, phone or device. ecENACT is fast, reliable, customizable, and it can be installed locally as a service integrated within an application or as part of a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment.

Use any mobile marketing channel — or any mix — to achieve maximum reach
ecEnact works with any mobile marketing channel, enabling you to reach out and connect with customers wherever they may be and whatever communication mode or device they are using. ecENACT lets you optimize the mix of marketing channels you use so you can maximize the reach of any campaign.

Create true customer interaction and enhance viral marketing
ecENACT has a unique bi–directional interaction capability that lets you create campaigns where customers can instantly respond or forward messages to friends and family without the delay of logging into a Web page, thus preserving your window of opportunity.

Achieve higher ROI
The bottom line of any marketing campaign is the ROI — and ecENACT delivers. In addition to improving the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, with ecENACT there is no software to buy, install or manage. You focus on the marketing. ecENACT will reliably deliver your message.

Enhanced Communications features of ecENACT

  • All mobile communications channels: SMS, MMS, email, text-to-voice and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Messages delivered to any device, phone or PC
  • Supports plain text or rich content/media message formats
  • Customizes messages on-the-fly for individuals or groups
  • Tracks recipient responses; can be configured to escalate if no response
  • Easily integrates with existing applications and processes
  • Available as a SaaS solution: no software to buy, install or manage