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enhanced communications


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

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ECDS™ — Essential for your business

Enhanced Communications solutions from ECDS create interaction, speed information and reach your employees and customers wherever they may be.

Whatever your business, your business depends on effective communication. Improving customer service, managing distributed production centers and creating new sales opportunities are just a few examples of the business processes that count on being able to create immediate, interactive communication. Embedding communication within a business process workflow to increase automation, improve information sharing, foster collaboration and accelerate responsiveness is called Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP). That’s what we do at ECDS. Enhanced Communications solutions from ECDS make your employees more productive, enable you to build a stronger partner network and let you reach out and connect with customers wherever they may be.

Enhanced Communications has evolved out of the need to deliver simple alerts and notifications to where it has become a powerful enabling capability for every business that has important information to immediately communicate. At ECDS, we’ve designed our ecENACT™ product line around a core Enterprise Notification Platform that has been developed to meet the exacting requirements for government emergency alert and notification systems. So, when you choose ECDS you get the most advanced Enhanced Communication capabilities available.

Today, Enhanced Communications is an essential business capability, leveraging the most up-to-date technologies to enable effective communication with any audience. ECDS is your premier choice to make this capability a vital part of your business.

Wherever they may be, you can reach them

Employees and customers are increasingly mobile in their work, their lives and especially in their preference for how they get and use information. Whether you are a business executive who needs to coordinate activities across your on-the-go workforce or a savvy marketer targeting your audience using the communication mode your customer chooses, Enhanced Communications solutions from ECDS will help you reach them.

Whatever device they choose, you can reach them

The tremendous increase in the use of smartphones, PDAs and other hand-held devices creates a powerful communication resource — and a major communication challenge. Who needs to get the message in text? In email? By voice? And, has the message been recieved and responded to? Integrating text messaging, email and voice messaging is essential, of course, as is communicating through new “social networking” modes such as Twitter and Facebook. ECDS integrates and automates the delivery of, and response to, information communicated via any mode and received on any device.

Create interaction

ECDS enables you to get information directly into the hands of employees, partners or customers instantly, wherever they may be and whatever device they choose. Immediate information sharing enables collaborative business processes and decision-making. And, more than just delivering alerts and notifications, Enhanced Communications solutions from ECDS give recipients the ability to respond instantly to acknowledge the information or to confirm a required action.

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