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ecenact solutions for government


For more information, access one of the following resources or contact us at info@ecdsllc.com.

Downloads & Resources
View the ecENACT products overview page
pdf Download the Unified Messaging in Emergency and Business Operations white paper
pdf Download the Dynamic Information Exchange in Public Health White Paper
pdf Download the ecENACT product datasheet
pdf Download the ecENACT Alerts and Notifications product datasheet
pdf Download the ECDS corporate brochure

ecENACT solutions for government health, safety and public security

When confronting an incident that impacts the public health, safety or security, the timely and accurate communication of relevant information is paramount. Whatever the cause — a food contamination outbreak, an infectious disease epidemic, the release of a toxic substance, a terrorist act, a natural disaster or a catastrophic event — information about the incident, the current response and the evolving situation must be communicated to all concerned parties. From first responders to state, local and federal agencies to non-governmental response organizations to the local population, all those involved must be appropriately notified, activated and kept up to date.

ecENACT is an Enhanced Communications solution that seamlessly integrates the latest communication technologies into public response systems and processes managed by government agencies. ecENACT replaces out-dated call trees, supports relevant policies, processes and procedures and manages critical information flow through bi-directional message delivery. ecENACT delivers messages over email, text, by phone (text to voice) and by fax to targeted groups, lists, business roles and individuals assuring immediate responsive action.

  • Directory-driven notification of response personnel and volunteers, fully complying with ESAR-VHP guidelines as specified by the U.S. Government Department of Health and Human Services
  • Supports all communication channels (SMS texting, email, voice, etc.) with automatic message escalation through alternate channels until receipt is confirmed and response is acknowledged
  • Integrates communications across local, state and national public health information networks
  • Maximizes information flow and coordination among public and private entities and across multiple jurisdictions
  • Assures compliance with policies, processes and procedures among public and private employees and volunteer responders
  • Enables communications interoperability across diverse systems
  • Improves incident event tracking and audit trails

ecENACT solution scenarios


A regional emergency response agency uses ecENACT to manage alerts and notifications and responder credentialing to activate and coordinate region-wide resources and information sharing in response to natural disasters, urgent response events such as chemical spills and other public safety incidents, and as part of their regional terrorist response capability.


ecENACT processes alerts and notifications related to possible flu strain and other infectious disease outbreaks for a regional medical research facility, enabling faster information flow to area health care providers and better response and coordination among hospitals and public health organizations.